Alex is a Brazilian contemporary artist/photographer who works with expanded photography, videos and films.
His experiences with analog photography, papers, paints, fabrics, videos and projections, are the basis of his research, which is added to his practice with cinematic lighting. His works cross photography, video and painting, questioning the limits between languages and giving new meaning to photographic and figurative art through multiple layers. And in these layers, physical and symbolic, he seeks to portray the strength of the human essence. The opacity of the figures in his works provides a distance from identity and an escape from the senses, essential tools for reflection.
He was born in Iran in 1974, but was registered at the Brazilian embassy as a native Brazilian. In the 90s, in São Paulo, he started skateboarding, and had intense contact with the world of counterculture and urban art, where he built his roots and fell in love with telling stories through images. He studied photography, graduated in social communication and film scripting and took a masterclass in cinematography in Los Angeles at the ASC, American Society of Cinematographers.
Between 1995 and 2010, he created magazines, experimented with video art, edited books, participated in collective exhibitions, directed documentaries and collaborated with countless artistic, photographic, videographic and cultural projects in Brazil. He became known for his hyperactivity and passion for his work. In 2005 he was portrayed in the book by French writer Anne Louyot, “São Paulo em Mouvement” as an agent of transformation, a character who made São Paulo move.
In 2012, after several collective and collaborative exhibitions, he launched his book and solo exhibition, entitled “Streeteiro”, at Paço das Artes Museum (SP). In 2017 he won the award for best video clip direction of the year at the VMF, Video Music festival.
Alex, in addition to his artwork, is a director of photography in the movie industry.
Selected Exhibitions:
2024  "O que dizer de nós" - Collective exhibition, Tato Gallery, São Paulo. 
2023  “People over profit” Collective exhibition, Zurich
2023  “(uma) certa enciclopédia” Collective exhibition, Tato Gallery, São Paulo. 
2023  “Irrealidades Visíveis” Collective exhibition, Old Prédio Telesp, São Paulo. Kura-TE
2021  "Forest Warrior Xondaro Ka'aguy Reguá" Collective exhibition, Dauphinois Museum, Grenoble, France.
2017  "Não é bem assim" Awarded Best Music Video of the year at VMF Video Music Festival, MIS (Image and sound Museum) .
2016  "Sem Rumo", Collective exhibition, ALESP, São Paulo.
2016  "CHI" ZAT (Zona Autonoma Temporária), videoinstalation , São Paulo.
2014 "Lab cidade" Collective exhibition - Made by... Feito Por brasileiros - Matarazzo Hospital, São Paulo 
2013  "Trasnsformação" Collective exhibition, Edifício Brazilian Financial Center
2013  "Streeteiro" 5th annual SP Photography Exhibition, São Paulo 
2012  "STREETEIRO"  - SOLO EXHIBITION, Paço das Artes Art Center, São Paulo
2011  "Apropriação, meu centro é o Skate", Collective exhibition, Olido Gallery, São Paulo.
2010 "Diafra" Collective exhibition, Expo TRANSFER arte urbana & contemporânea, transferências & transformações, Pavilion of Brazilian cultures, São Paulo
2009 "Ruas" Collective exhibition, Santos Surf Art, Santos 
2006 "ShapeArte", Collective exhibition, Studio SP, São Paulo 
+55 11.98472.0216
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